Created in September 1915 by The Fort Valley Library Association, The Thomas Public Library was established from a collection of materials donated by Dr. and Mrs. Edward Gray (Lula) Thomas. Byron Public Library was established in 1936 with a donation of books from The Thomas Public Library.

In 1971, Peach Public Libraries was formed with Thomas Public Library as the headquarters library and Byron Public Library as a branch library.

Locations of Thomas Public Library

  • Evans Building (corner of Main Street and Camellia Blvd.): 1915 to 1936
  • Peach County Courthouse annex facing Central Avenue: 1936 to 1969 (destroyed by fire in December 1969)
  • Vacant residence on Central Avenue: 1969 to 1972
  • Persons and Miller Street: 1972 to 1998
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Drive: 1998 to present

Locations of Byron Public Library

  • Wooden building (former post office and telephone exchange) next to Dr. Kay’s office: 1930 to 1936
  • Dupree’s Store (Main Street): 1936 to 1939
  • Byron Public Schools: 1939 to 1944
  • Old City Jail: 1944 to 1956
  • Downtown Store: 1956 to 1975
  • Byron City Complex: 1975 to 1985
  • Church Street: 1985 to present (expanded in 1997)

Below are some newspaper articles and other items related to the history of Peach Public Libraries, Thomas Public Library and Byron Public Library.

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    • Fire photo 1 – courtesy of James Khoury
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